Ever since the age of five, I have been learning to play the piano.  My first teaching practice, was started with the help of my own teacher, at fourteen years old.  For the next five years, I supported youngsters learning to play, right through to their grade 2 exams.  I took a break from teaching whilst moving into administration work, in banks and accountancy firms in London.  After raising my family, for a few years I worked in schools doing special needs support work and exam administration work.

It did not take me long to realise that I loved piano education so much, it was time to re-establish my own teaching practice.  Back in 2004, I started again with just one student.  Since then, I have had a wonderful time, working with both very young children and adults, supporting them through their piano education.  Some choose to take exams, with excellent results.  Others are happy to play for pleasure, and concentrate on playing pieces of music which particularly appeal to them.